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Alight Motion template is a useful tool that allows for excellent video editing using templates in a shorter amount of time and at a lower cost. we usually display various trends in Alight Motion.

you will be shown how to change it in the Alight motion app and what you will receive. Information regarding it will also be given to you.

If you currently know what you are going to find in this template, you should download it because you don’t have to like all templates in order to decide whether to download and change it. Whether or not to act.

We are pleased to present to you the list of top Alight motion template, all of them are free to use and have excellent video quality. Please note that although I have provided you with the actual intro creator and their original intro video, I do not own this intro Alight Motion template.

After giving it some thought, you can install and change this template with the Alight motion program if you so choose. You will find thorough explanations and information about this template.

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Templates Offered By Alight Motion

Trending Motion Effect

You must be aware of and have given what you will find in the template by this point. That’s why you made the decision to download this Alight Motion template, and if you like it, you can decide whether to do so or not.

Therefore, allow us to explain how to download the latest Alight motion Trending template. The download button is visible below. Clicking the download button is important. Click on this template after that. All are visible.

Download-required content To edit the video, use whatever you like. This is a brand-new, simple approach for downloading Alight Motion Template, and I use it constantly to make sure you never run into any issues.

Transition Effects

The Transaction Impact Art should be used if you have included photos in the media. It is indeed lovely how the transition between photos is done. It Allows You To Select Your Favorite Beauty.

You must consider a box as a sign in the process of moving from one type of media to another. kinemaster will be rendered in its default color. You can use it to your advantage. The New Dance Action is available for online download if you don’t like it.

If you are aware of how to download it, keep scrolling down to the transition and the process is complete. Toggle it on. To The KineMaster Media Library, You’ll Go. You Must Be Connected To The Internet Or Have A Mobile Data Connection To Access It.

What kind of transmission you choose to download is up to you. You can download a wide variety of EFATs besides Transition. To access it, you must have a mobile data network (internet connection).

alight motion templates download

Audio Editing

We also know that video editing no longer merely entails audio editing. To turn audio into an importing video, select the audio option. The first step is to silence the media’s sounds. To do that, first, select Media, then, on the right, click Editing Options, and last, select the Speaker-Like setting.

There are numerous options after you click on it. The first audio option should be changed from 0 to 100. When Changing, Tick. You have now left every sound in the media. You can now set any song you want on your media.

The Audio Option is Now Clickable on the Right. Once you click, every song on your smartphone will appear. When you click on your favorite song, add and play icons will appear. The song will begin singing as soon as you click on it. By selecting the add icon on the page, you can do this on your timeline.

Audio Dubbing

If there are any mistakes in our speech, audio dubbing allows us to fix them. Films in Tamil or all English-language movies may feature audio dubbing. In the Kiama Sterile, we can achieve this. A decent mic is what you need.

You must access your master after connecting the mic. The clip where you talked about the bug needs to be included in the media section of CaineMaster after you’ve opened it. Choose the audio from the video by clicking on it after importing.

Once this is done, the video’s sound abruptly stops. You could improve the way a movie looks by doing this. We will now look at how to dub it after we have downloaded the audio and embedded the media. 

A circle-like structure can be found on your right in Cain’s Master App. There will only be one choice if you simply look at that circle. Clicking on it will allow you to begin dubbing your videos. After casting, you can edit the audio by cutting and joining.

Additionally, you can change the voice on that audio. All the clarity required for that audio can be provided to Cain Master by us. The Handmaster can also be used to dub a short movie.

Basic Layer Video Editing

You will be directed to your gallery, which is the gallery for KINEMASTER, once we tap on the files in LAYER. You must choose the video or picture you desire. Once chosen, the image, video, or other content will appear in your timeline.

By clicking the image or video on the timeline, the editing choices are available to you. The first one of these is the editing option, which allows you to shorten the length of the video and cut it into separate segments.

If you look at it, a box-like structure will be visible. You Will Be Limited After Embedding A Photo Or Video. If you want to adjust the screen to fit your mobile, you can do it with the aid of this box-like system.

White Tops In a Grid Will Appear When You Tap On This Box-Like Layout. When you click it, you can adjust the video’s size to fit the screen on your mobile device. On the box’s side, you will then see a radio-like icon. Simply click on it to listen to the voice in your videos.

Blending Video Editing

One video can be pasted over another using this blending option. When you have finished embedding a clip in media, click LAYER, navigate to media, and then upload your black screen video.

You must click the video with the black screen and select the blending option after logging in this way. After being chosen, these options change based on the color of your video. This indicates that if the video has a black screen, you should blind the screen.

White Screen Videos Are Throughout The Building. The picture in the media will modify to fit it if you do this, and your black screen video color will be removed. a White Screen Video, too. In the age of social media, give Leighton a call if you want to post your video.

Darkening Is Required If You Want To Post Your Clip In The Dark. Your video and any black screens in it will be deleted if you do that.

Backup Alight Motion project

You can backup your Alight Motion backup data if you are switching to a smart smartphone or want to publish your project with others. By doing this, you would not lose your documents, but it would not be able to back up large audio, image, or video files.

Only the editing you completed on the Aight Motion pro app will be able to be backed up. However, you can just use your editing software to swap out or re-import any audio, image, or video that you had previously utilized in your project.

How to Back up Alight Motion Projects?

Open Alight Motion and click on the Project section, where you can see all of your projects, in order to import the alight motion Template project files. Simply tap and press the project you wish to backup, then navigate to the share button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

When you reach the bottom, you will notice XML click on it to export. Then select the location where you wish to save your documentation, and your project will be saved.

Having issues with downloading?

Try refreshing the page if you are having trouble downloading it; if that does not work, copy and paste this post’s URL into a different browser. please note that if you have an ad – blocking extension or app on your phone, turn it off or uninstall it. This includes any VPNs (VPN). Last but not least, try restarting your phone if it is still not working.

How Much Does Alight Motion Template Pro Cost?

Alight Motion is a fantastic video editing program that primarily focuses on creating animated videos with motion graphics and effects. We could not really provide you the precise price information because it is not set in stone,

If you are interested in purchasing Alight Motion Pro, please visit their official website for more detailed information


Alight Motion template is, without a doubt, the best option if you seek a skilled video editor to make original motion videos. You can use all of these templates for making more professional edits.

You can easily install it from the given link, and we are waiting for your feedback about Alight Motion Pro. Furthermore, if you want to know any other information about this Application, we are here for you, and we will feel very glad to respond to you.


Yes! Alight motion pro is a paid application users have to purchase monthly or yearly subscriptions.

There are various templates are provided by the Application which will help you to make more interesting edits.

There are various templates are provided by the Application which will help you to make more interesting edits.

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