If you want to increase the appeal and engagement of your marketing materials, You might consider utilizing light-movement Alight Motion QR Codes. Colorful animation shake Any project can benefit from the fascinating new technology known as QR codes.

A QR code can perform various functions when scanned, such as opening a website, downloading a file, or displaying text. This article will cover what alight motion QR codes are, how to utilize them, and some fun things you can do with them. 

We will also give you instructions on how to make your cost-free QR codes. Two-dimensional barcodes known as QR codes, or Quick Response codes, can be read by smartphones and other devices having a QR code scanner. 

Nowadays, everyone makes a strong effort to use the greatest video editors while creating their videos. A popular hobby for social media managers and users is creating Lo-fi songs or memes, especially on Facebook and Instagram. 

The finest and simplest article about importing Alight Motion transition effects and all previously altered content with the Alight Motion QR may be found here.

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What Are Alight Motion QR Codes:

They strive to create the best video or use advanced Alight motion editing to edit the footage. Most of the time, after utilizing many transitions, soundtracks, and effects, we edit a video and save it, leaving all of the editing stuff in the app.

Many apps do not even offer the ability to import project content from previous video editing sessions. In contrast, Alight Motion QR Codes is a game-changer and provide you with one of the best and most cutting-edge Features. In comparison, Alight Motion is a game-changer and provides you with one of the best and most cutting-edge Features.

By creating a QR Code for your entire project using Alight Motion, you may distribute your altered video templates to other Alight Motion users. This can increase the interaction of your movies and increase viewer enjoyment.

Alight Motion QR Codes

How To Use Alight Motion With A QR Code

Using this functionality in Alight Motion. Several of the prerequisites are

  • QR code of presets
  • a QR code reader App.

QR code of presets

There are numerous QR codes available on Instagram. Go to Instagram and type in “Alight Motion presets.” click the post to view the most recent posting image. You will notice a QR code image in the final section.

QR code scanner app

This is crucial since we have heard from some people who claim that their scanner app can not import QR codes. The software we used to import the QR code presets into Alight Motion is linked here.

  • Take a picture of the QR code.
  • Obtain a screenshot of the QR code
  • Take a picture of the QR code
  • Copy the link
  • Google the link after pasting it there. Importing effects will be displayed when it opens automatically.

How To Download Alight Motion QR Codes

We provide you with animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, video compositing, and more of the highest caliber. Alight Motion is unrestricted in use on videos you produce with basic features and a watermark.

  • Go to the send card screen and click the three dots in the upper-right corner to access the menu.
  • Click “Save picture.”
  • To view and utilize your QR code, go to your Photos.

How to Create XML Codes for Alight Motion?

It is quite easy to create your QR code. Because we always want to create our own presets that everyone can use whenever we utilize other settings. Even though it requires some creativity, the activity is a lot of fun. 

Any tool that generates QR codes can be used to create QR codes quickly and efficiently. Choose the kind of QR code you wish to develop. We strongly advise making dynamic QR codes because they operate on cell phones rapidly. After that, customize your QR code and enter the information you wish to save there. The code is prepared.

  • When you Click to launch the Alight Motion app, with the green + symbol, a new project will be generated for you.
  • Name your project, then define the fundamental editing parameters ratio, speed, background, etc.
  • Once you have completed all your basic edits, tap on the icon in the upper-right corner that points outside the app.
  • Choose the XML format already to export your video; this process could take up to two minutes.
  • Then, after installing the QR code creator software from the Apple Program Store or Play Store, launch the app, select the hamburger icon, and then incorporate the link or URL for your project.
  • When creating a QR code, paste your project into the program. The tool makes a special QR code that you may distribute to friends and other users in Alight Motion.
  • The Google Drive XML URL will be displayed to those who can use this software to scan. Alight Motion will launch your project for you automatically after you click on the file. They could also have complete editing rights for your project.


We thus hope that you now understand how to export and utilize your preferred Alight Motion preset by only scanning the project QR code. You may easily construct your unique QR code project by scanning Alight Motion QR Codes with any QR code scanner app. You may post on any social media site, including Facebook, and Instagram


Yes, using Alight Motion QR codes is simple on Apple devices. Launch the QR scanner and scan your preferred code.

Alight Motion is the first expert video editing program to provide users with a QR code import option. In Alight Motion, you may even create your QR codes

Yes, you can quickly add codes to your smartphone’s landing screen by adding a QR code page to your home screen.

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